The CBSB will have the following values:
1. Quality and Excellence

  • a. Assure continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our mission;
  • b. Commit to excellence in all we do.

2. Service

  • a. Provide excellent service to students, academic staff and researchers within the University of Khartoum, and all others who use, work in, or visit our facility;
  • b. Recognize and value the contributions and potential of the entire Centre community;
  • c. Seek and be sensitive to the advice of our constituents.

3. Collaboration

  • a. Collaborate in a way that enhances the biomedical and health research in Sudan, East Africa region and beyond.

4. Integrity

  • a. Maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct;
  • b. Assure that relationships are transparent, open, honest, and fair.

5. Compassion

  • a. Recognize an individual's basic rights to respect, privacy, dignity, understanding, and spiritual guidance.

6. Fiscal Responsibility

  • a. Manage all resources in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner;
  • b. Meet our charitable responsibilities.